Gym For All

'Gym for All' is an internationally recognised term used to describe the participation of gymnastics at a recreational level for all ages from Pre-school to Seniors.

Gym For All (GfA) is designed for health, physical fitness and enjoyment.

Globally known as a fundamental movement sport, gymnastics provides the building blocks for all other sports, dance and martial arts. The benefits in child development are widely documented.

Our programmes enable confident movers with strong bones and muscles, improved posture and balance, coordination and flexibility. Take all of this, add loads of fun and you have children that learn through exploration and play who are encouraged to be creative with their minds and bodies.

At Hamilton City Gymnastics we offer participation programmes in gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling and aerobics. Children can enjoy at their own pace in a non-competitive enviroment OR choose to extend themselves in the higher Pathway levels (including competitions) and through badge work.

We offer the Gymnastics NZ GfA Artistic Pathway Levels 1-6, GfA Trampoline, Tumbling and AeroGym (aerobics) Programmes and GNZ Incentive awards.


Term 1 - Tuesday 30th January - Sunday 14th April 

Term 2 - Saturday 27th April - Sunday 7th July 

Term 3 - Saturday 20th July - Sunday 29th September 

Term 4 - Monday 14th October - Sunday 22nd December

The What, When and How....

Whether you're new to our gym or an existing member please refer to the below information. If you can't find what you need to know, please contact us or chat with one of our staff.

Your term fee includes GST and the GNZ Affiliation fee. Fees are due as per invoice and usually before the start of term. Your payment confirms your place in the class.
Term fees are non-refundable unless a medical certificate is supplied. Conditions apply. There are no refunds or make-up classes for missed classes.

As a busy gymnastics club that offers many programmes, it is neccessary for us to host festivals and competitions. These are usually held on weekends which means they can impact weekend GfA classes. We minimise the impact by limiting thess to once or twice per term and offer weekend classes at either end of the term if possible. Term fees are calculated at the start of each term to accomodate any classes that are affected. See here for upcoming event details. 

Priority enrolments for the next term usually open for current members during week 8 of the current term. You will be notified by email when this is open. You must re-enrol through your family portal.
Enrolment for new members will open 1 week following. Priority enrolment allows you to re-enrol in the same class only. If you wish to transfer classes, days, or times you will need to wait until full enrolment is open. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
You must re-enrol to book your place; we do not reserve places or automatically roll over our term classes (except invite only classes).


  • Please wear comfortable fitted clothing eg. a leotard, and/or shorts/leggings and a t-shirt. Clothing must be snug fitting but flexible (jeans are not appropriate). No skirts, belts, buckles, zippers, or anything that will catch on a gymnast, the coach, or the equipment. 
  • Gymnasts participate in bare feet and trampolinists must wear socks, aerogym athletes please bring socks and trainers.
  • For safety, long hair (touching shoulder or below) must be tied back.
  • NO jewellery. This includes watches, smart watches, and fitness bands. 
    Any jewellery that cannot be removed for cultural or religious reasons must be covered (e.g. sweatband) or taped down for their own safety. Please do this prior to class if possible.

Email – Our primary form of contact is via e-mail. Please check your spam and junk boxes and add to your safe senders list so as not to miss any important information.
Website – Please check our website Here you can re-enrol for the new term, check out the timetable for all our classes and find the latest newsletter and other important information.
Facebook & Instagram – “Like” and “follow” us on facebook and/or instagram to receive regular updates.

Upstairs space - We have made some changes to our upstairs area. We now have a partitioned off space upstairs that will be used as extra floor space for circuits, conditioning or warm up space for groups.
For yours and your childrens safety, please keep them out of this area, there may at times be equipment for classes in this area. It is not safe for your children to use this area to play.
The only exception to this will be for Senior competitive athletes who need a waiting area before their classes. They may sit in this area but should not be engaging in gymnastics activity.
Bathrooms – Male, Female and an Accessible bathroom can be found downstairs. These are used by all members and public. Adults, please use the accesible bathroom. Please do not leave any valuables in the bathrooms.
Baby Change Table - There is a baby change table in the accessible bathroom. Please take soiled nappies away with you.
Wi-fi – We have guest wi-fi available for a nominal fee of $5 per month – see the office to purchase. This is a fundraiser for the club.

Leotards & Shorts – Available from the office, these training leotards and shorts are a fundraiser for the club. 2nd hand leotards are often available.
Hoodies & Merch – Keep your eyes peeled for HCG merchandise orders including club hoodies and t-shirts! These are offered 3-4 times per year.

We are not-for-profit and rely on grant funding, sponsors, and fundraising in order to maintain our club. Please support our fundraisers for repairs, new equipment, and other ventures.
If you work for a company that would be interested in sponsoring us, please contact

Hamilton City Gymnastics / Westpac / 03 1559 0020891 00
Please add your invoice number in the format ‘FM-1234” as a reference.
We can accept EFTPOS in the office.

Credit card payment can NOW be accepted through the family portal via Stripe, a surcharge of 3% applies at checkout.

As members, you have access to an online portal where you can see classes you are enrolled into, enrol into new classes or holiday programmes, see your account history, and make changes to your contact details. You should have been instructed to create your portal login on enrolment. If you are having trouble, please get in touch with our admin team. We recommend you check and update your contact details each new term.


  • Please sign in at the front desk. If someone is not there to assist you the rolls will be available, please find the attendees name and tick them in.
  • Sanitiser is available at the front desk and around the gym.
  • Children and caregivers will be directed upstairs to wait for their class to begin.
  • Coaches will call the classes to the floor for warmup at their start time.
  • If caregivers wish to leave, they can do so once classes have started.
  • When classes end ALL children will be sent back upstairs to be collected. Caregivers need to be upstairs, ready to collect their children before the end of the class.
  • Children must be picked up from within the facility; children will not be allowed to enter the carpark.
  • Pre-school children in a parent & child class require at least one caregiver with them on the floor during class.

We ask parents and caregivers to supervise their children before and after classes. Please do not leave children unattended outside of class times.

Access to the gym is from Mainstreet Place only. Please do not drive through the neighbouring daycare or park in their carpark or any other neighbouring businesses.
We are very aware our carpark can become very busy at class changeover times. Please be patient or alternatively parking is available on the street.
Please do not park in the staff parking area marked across the front of the building (even just for 5 minutes). We only have a minimal number of these so at the busiest time of day the coaches need these. Please do not park in the accessible parks (without a permit) or along the fence line (even just for pickups). 

Please make sure all your child’s belongings are named. We collect lost property and periodically we will dispose of, donate, or recycle unclaimed items. 

Please respect the privacy of other members and only photograph your own child.

For the safety and security of our building, its visitors, and staff we operate CCTV throughout the venue. Cameras do not cover the bathrooms, please do not leave valuables unattended in these areas.

Here at HCG we want to ensure that everyone feels safe. If you have any concerns for your own or someone else safety, please email our Child Safeguarding Representative's. Anna and Torie are available by email to answer any questions or concerns. Abuse of any kind is not ok. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need help.

We endeavour to have someone in the office available during all GfA classes. However, this is not always possible and at times we must close the office. If you require assistance, you can email any queries to the contacts as below:

General enquiries 

Gym for All (GfA) including: Gymnastics classes (Preschool to Adult), Adaptive Gymnastics, Holiday Programmes, School Lunchtime Programmes and School/Preschool Bookings - Susan Lambert and Selena Timings

Recreational Trampoline - Carolyn Wallis

AeroGym & Tumbling - Hannah Wilton

Child Safeguarding Representative - Anna McGowan and Torie Johns

Centre Manager – Anica Klockars

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