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Hamilton City Gymnastics offers a range of classes accross 4 major programmes: Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Aerobics and Tumble. We have recreational (Gym for All) and Competitive streams for each of these programmes, which offer variety, fun and skill progression while being closely aligned with their participants' skill levels and goals.

In 2022 we have also successfully trialled disability classes in collaboration with Patricia Avenue School, which we plan on expanding by adding classes for other special needs schools and pre-schoolers with disabilities in 2023.

Hamilton City Gymnastics was formed as an amalgamation of several Hamilton gymnastics clubs in 1992, and we moved into our purpose-built facility in 2003. We have been steadily growing over the years, peaking at 950 members just before COVID hit. 

This year, we have been recovering from the COVID aftermath and we have seen our membership numbers rise from just over 500 at the beginning of the year, to almost 700 in Term 4, which made us really proud. 

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