Competitive Trampoline



If your child is interested in doing trampoline competitions, competitive trampolining may be for them. We have three levels of competitive trampolining on offer at HCG.


Trampoline Select: These are our trampolinists who compete in local competitions including Hamilton, and one of the following each year: Tauranga, Auckland, Rotorua. Our trampoline select athletes train twice a week for a total of three hours and are working towards competing at National Level competitions.


National Level: These trampolinists train twice a week for a total of five hours, and compete at a National Level working towards qualifying to attend the New Zealand National Championships. This group of athletes attend competitions across the North Island, normally including locations such as Auckland, Rotorua and Gisborne, and the occasional South Island Competition if on offer.


International Level (FIG): These our top-level athletes who compete all over New Zealand and often are part of New Zealand tours overseas. In recent years we have had athletes travel to Australia and Japan! This group of athletes train three times a week for a total of seven and a half hours, and most are also coaching our junior athletes in some capacity!

If you are interested in joining one of our competitive squads, please contact our trampoline head coach Carolyn to discuss your child’s needs


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